There’s a big difference between information and knowledge.
Here are resources to help you better understand and spread the word about the influence industry.


INFLUENCE: Cut scene | Anatomy of an influence campaign

In this scene cut from the original Sundance version of Influence, former PR maven Lord Timothy Bell explains how his political advisory work for British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher won him his first major foreign junket of many: Spinning the election campaign for the party of Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet.

INFLUENCE: Interview Excerpt | Alex Goldfarb on Belarus

In his 2019 interview with INFLUENCE directors Richard Poplak and Diana Neille, Russian-American activist Alexander Goldfarb discusses how he and Lord Tim Bell were enlisted by the Russian oligarch-turned-dissident Boris Berezovsky to help pivot Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko away from Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. For more information, read this excellent feature by Alexey Kovalev for Meduza.


Webinar: Influence Premiere Post Screening Q&A

Influence Directors Richard Poplak and Diana Neille in conversation with corruption activist Bill Browder.